E & I Works

Supply & Installation of E & I Works

We undertake the following E & I Works installation works but not limited to

  • Installation of WSD, Control panels, MV & Power Panels, Light Fixtures, Power Receptacles & Other Electrical  Equipment.
  • Lay cable, backfill with red tiles, yellow tape & clean sand, meggar, install all ferrules, tagging, IR testing and final termination.
  • Installation of Cable Tray/ Conduit, Laying of Cable, Cable Dressing & Testing
  • Grounding work with cable laying, ground pits supply & installation, ground rod supply & installation   including cad welding & testing.
  • Fibre Optic Cable Installation excavate/backfill, installation of RGS conduit/ cable tray, lay the FOC include FOC termination & testing.
  • Install, test, calibrate & commission various control equipment such as PIT/TIT/FQIT/Gauges etc.
  • Splice/terminate various MV cables including supply termination kit, fittings etc. to as per SA standards up to 34.5 KV.
  • Supply, install, test & commission 480V power receptacles
  • Supply, install, test & commission ground pit for switch rack/VSD/switchgear and tie-in to the existing   grounding grid by cad welding.
  • Installation of various Instrument with tubing, termination and on site/ off site calibration.
  • Supply & Installation of Field Mounted Devices, Automation Accessories, HMI, Develop and Integrate with main System, loop check, testing &   commissioning.
  • Supply & Installation of Cathodic Protection System.
  • Expertise Services with Engineers for Power, Control & Automation to Integrate, Test & Final Commissioning of  Complete E & I System.