MIA Arabia is guided by a deep commitment to genuine customer satisfaction, employee wellbeing and good corporate citizenship. Our responsibility to our customers and the communities we serve is based on clear alignment between our business and corporate responsibility strategies.

At MIA Arabia, we strive to ensure that MIA is well-regarded by all stake holders and countries with whom we do business. We are honest and fair in the conduct of our business, strictly adhere to the applicable laws, confirm to locally accepted standards of good corporate citizenship, promote and sustain a work environment that fosters mutual respect, openness and individual integrity.

We are always working to improve customer satisfaction by supporting our customers’ needs, expectations and requirements. We offer high-quality products and services, develop effective processes and implement ongoing improvements that will meet or exceed customer needs, all based on best practice standards.

At MIA Arabia, we recognize the contributions of our people. We make sure to provide them with a safe work environment and to be part of a working culture based on respect and teamwork, which strives for excellence and encourages everyone to give of their best, aim high and get the job done.

We work in tandem with non-profit organizations and charities to ensure that all proceeds are utilized to generate growth and the betterment of the community. We also encourage our employees to dedicate time towards community activities.