On Going Projects

Summary of Ongoing Projects in 2019

# Client Name Owner / End User Project Reference Estimated Completion
1 JGC Saudi Aramco Replacement of Hypochlorite Dosing Package Aug-19
2 Nasser S. Al Hajri Saudi Arabian Oil Company Miscellaneous NO and PAC items at Manifa Drill Site Sep-19
3 Nasser S. Al Hajri Saudi Arabian Oil Company Stabilizer-Reboiler Piping & Structural Vibration Mitigation at GOSP-1,2 & 3, Manifa Nov-19
4 Al Bayan NWC, Riyadh Tank & Pipe Spool Fabrication for Riyadh  
5 China Petroleum Pipeline Saudi Aramco Construction of QTIF-716 PWI Flow line at QW-21 Aug-19
6 China Petroleum Pipeline Saudi Arabian Oil Company KRSN-131 and ABHD-614 Well Site Construction Jan-20
7 SULB, Bahrain SULB, Bahrain SULB Industrial Maintenance Activities Jul-19
8 Saudi Arabian Oil Company Saudi Arabian Oil Company Upgradation of Fire Alarm Systems and Misc. Commissioning Work Sep-19
9 Danieli Jesco, Jubail Reconstruction of Cooling Bed Foundation at Jubail Energy Services Company Feb-19
# McDermott McDermott Misc. Splicing, MV Cable and FOC Cable Installation Work Dec-19